How do I reserve an order?

We require three things in order to reserve an order.

• 25% deposit
• Valid credit card on file
• Signed contract

What does the damage waiver cover?

The damage waiver covers the liability that you’d owe if any of the rental equipment is returned broken or damage due to accidental cause.

The damage waiver does NOT protect against negligence, bulk damage, stolen or lost rentals. Dreamers has full control in determining whether an item(s) is covered by the damage waiver.

Can I cancel my tent rental?

You cannot cancel a tent rental. We relate our policy to a hotel. If you rent a hotel and decide to cancel your reservation, the hotel could have rented that room to someone else in need.

Likewise, it is very common for our company to turn down business due to availability issues. Once a tent is reserved, you may not cancel the reservation.

When do I have to pay in full?

You must be paid in full before your event is delivered. If you choose to pay at the time of delivery than those details will be addressed prior to delivery. You may be subject to additional fees if payment is scheduled for time of delivery but payment is not made.

Do you offer a military discount?

We run different promotions throughout the year. Our discounts all depend on the time of the year, size of the order, etc. To get the latest discounts/promotions please reach out to us.

Do you set up the tables and chairs?

We do not. This is pretty standard throughout the rental industry that we properly stack everything in neat piles that allow you to set up just the way you’d like. If you would like us to set up there are additional fees included but you would have to address those details at the time of placing your order.