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Dear bride (or groom),


Depending on where you’re at in the planning process, you may have just gotten engaged and you’re just weighing options or…. you’re just a few months (sometimes days) out and you need HELP!

Either way, we’re here to help. You may feel overwhelmed by the millions of options to choose from and decisions to make. Our best advice for every bride is to take a deep breath! This is one of the biggest moments that goes by so quick and you (hopefully) never experience twice!

Which means, it’s our responsibility and duty to make everything perfect. We’ll help you get started with some information below. When you’re ready, contact us to start planning your wedding rentals with confidence.

Dennis & Kevin
(Owners of Dreamers Event Rentals)

Rent What You Love

40 x 80 pole tent

Tent Rentals

Planning an outdoor tent wedding? We have tents for weddings from 20 guests to 400+. We'll help you choose the right tent.

Wedding Chair Ceremony

Chair Rentals

Whether you need chairs for the ceremony, reception or both... We've got you covered. 3 Popular styles to choose from.

Table Rentals

We have every table you'll need for your wedding ranging from a head table, food table, cake table, sweetheart table and more.

Food/Drink Rentals

We have everything from white coolers, galvanized drink tubs, chafer dishes, beverage fountain and much more.

Linen Rentals

We have a HUGE variety of table linens to fit any size table. We'll help you match your colors & material for your wedding.

Dance Floor Rentals

We can help you choose the right size dance floor that will fit your wedding size. All dance floors include free installation.

Restroom Rentals

We can help you choose the right size restroom depending on the size of your wedding. Our trailers are top-notch.

Lighting Rentals

We provide beautiful lighting rentals to truly give your wedding that "WOW" factor. Free lighting installation included (in our tents).

Sound System Rentals

We rent projectors, sound systems, microphone sets and much more to add some fun to your big day.

Why Rent With Dreamers

The truth is…

Most rental companies purchase equipment from the same suppliers. Yup… And in the event industry you have great suppliers and cheap suppliers. 

We (as we should) purchase our equipment from industry leading suppliers… And I bet our competitors do too… 

Which is why we knew that we had to be different and offer more to our clients than just great rentals. Over the past few years we really tried to understand our clients and identify the best ways we can help them plan their wedding…

We use to believe it was just to lower our prices and become affordable. Even though price is important, we didn’t want to build a reputation on being “cheap”… Because we all know, you get what you pay for.

Even though we could give you 1,000 reasons to help you decide to choose Dreamers, I want to give you the 3 that we believe helps us stand by our word when we say we’re the best event rental company in your area…

We Don't Tell You... We Show You!

If you're planning an outdoor tent wedding then you're most likely price shopping. While other companies tend to just tell you how great they are, we show you... We use innovative software to show you your wedding in 3D. So, instead of just getting a price quote without ANY idea of what you're actually getting... we show you! Our brides LOVE this complimentary service. This helps our brides envision their wedding AND it helps you save time during the setup/decorating process.

Friction-Less Reservations

We deal with over 200+ weddings every single year and one of the most difficult things our brides experience, is reserving their order. The average reservation deposit ranges from 30%-50%... Think about it this way... If you plan in advance then you have a lot of time to pay off all your vendors. So the real challenge? Reserving your preferred vendors. So we pride ourselves on offering low reservation deposits to lock in your rentals. Depending on the time of the year you can reserve your entire wedding for with just a 10%-25% deposit. You can still make changes as your guest list may change.

Over 10+ Years of Experience

Have you ever tried to return something at Walmart? Did you feel like you didn't matter or you were bothering them? It's almost as if the bigger the company, the less they care about their customer service. Our entire company believes in core values which the #1 we make sure our entire team understands is to think "customer first". Which means, no matter what... we ALWAYS put our customers first. Even though we've grown as a company through the years, our dedication to maintain amazing customer service has helped carries us along the way.

Getting Started


It's super easy to get started. Simply just fill out our contact form below to give us some details about your wedding and we'll take it from there.


Our team will help you step-by-step to make sure all your rentals are perfect. Once you're ready, we help you reserve your order.


We can deliver OR you can pick up your order at our office. Our team will make sure your rental order is perfect for you.

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Questions You May Have...

Pricing depends on how much you need to rent. However, the average cost for ALL rentals (tent, tables, chairs, dance floor, lights, linens, etc) for 120 guest wedding is roughly $2,500.

Don’t need a tent? Tables start at $6.50 while chairs start at $1.50.

We aren’t “cheap” but we’re also not expensive. We just believe in “you get what you pay for”. So we rent nice things at a fair price.

We only require a 25% deposit to reserve your entire wedding which is one of the lowest required deposits ever. (50% less than the industry average)

We never recommend trying to figuring out this part on your own. It depends what is going under the tent and many other factors. Contact us and we’ll save you hours of research and tell you within 30 seconds what size tent you should rent.

We have many trusted partners/vendors in the wedding industry. If you don’t have a space to do an outdoor tent wedding then contact us and we can show you some properties that we work with.

We do. All tent rentals include professional installation at NO extra cost. The price you see, is the price you pay. Additional “labor” costs is just a sleazy way that other companies operate to make you pay more than you need.

Yes we do. Our delivery fee is based on the address of the event. 

We know that orders will change, especially if you reserve your rentals in advance. Which is why we allow you to make changes to your order up to 14 days before your event.