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Why Would Anyone Get Married Under A Tent?

One word… FREEDOM!

Venues like barns, hotels or wineries are gorgeous but you won’t have freedom. 
If this is your first experience with planning a wedding, there’s a good chance you’ll feel overwhelmed at one point.

“What can I afford?”
“Will there be enough parking?”
“Will I have enough time?”

We’ve seen it all when it comes to handling stress from wedding planning.

That’s why we don’t just “rent tents and stuff”… we provide peace of mind.

How much does peace of mind cost? It’s priceless.

How Can Dreamers Help You?

  • Save Time Answering Questions
  • We Can Prevent All Bad Weather
  • Free Site Inspection
  • Professional Installation Included
  • Low Reservation Deposit

Thank Pinterest for overwhelming brides with endless ideas of decor options. 

Luckily, when you plan an outdoor tent wedding those limitless options are available to you. Imagine a white canvas and you’re holding the paintbrush. You can create anything you want. With venue’s, it’s like “what you see is what you get”.

What if it rains?
We provide walls on the tent to prevent any bad weather.

What if it’s cold/hot?
We provide heaters/fans to help control the temperature under your tent.

What tent do I need?
We have a team of expert planners to help with that, plus the quiz below will help you get started.

First... Do What YOU Want...

Keeping it 100% honest here… You’ll have a ton of people that “know what’s best for your wedding”. And the first step with planning an outdoor tent wedding (or any wedding) is to make sure you’re doing what YOU want.

If an outdoor tent wedding is something you want… we can help with that. Promise us you truly want a magical wedding and we can promise to provide that for you.

It can be extremely overwhelming to get started with an outdoor tent wedding… 

What size tent do I need?
How many tables and chairs will that hold?
What if I have a DJ, where do I place the DJ?

What if I told you… 

All your questions be answered with only THREE things…

The 3 Things You Need...

  • Date For Your Wedding
  • A Place For Your Wedding
  • Estimated Number Of Guests

“That’s it…” 

Yes… and here’s why…

All the 1,532 details don’t matter to get started because there’s a 90% chance they’ll change. 

Gorgeous Winter Tent Wedding

That’s why planning a wedding is stressful AF. But we help you by A) Always being honest. B) Treating your wedding like it’s ours…

You don’t even “NEED” these 3 things to get started but those 3 things will be the go-to details that allows us to get you exactly what you need without making you feel like you need to figure everything out in 24 hours.

What Is A Tent Wedding?

When you plan a wedding with us, you have two main options. You can get stuff for just your reception and get married wherever you’d like. Or the more common solution, is to host your ceremony on-site which is typically in a beautiful field or near a farm. Then you could conveniently walk right to your tent reception and plan your cocktail hour along the perimeter of your tent.

Decorating your tent wedding is the fun part. We basically provide you with a white canvas (tent) and hand you the paintbrush (all your decor). You can make your wedding as jaw dropping or simple as possible. The best part about setup is grabbing your wedding party and relaxing to some drinks and music the few days leading up to the wedding. The scary part with venues is when you are only allowed a certain amount of time to set up because they may have had an event the night before. With a tent wedding, it’s well planned in advance and you get to have fun setting up.

Are Tent Weddings Expensive?

$ 100
Avg Cost Per Tent Wedding (est. 120 Guests)

Pro's Vs. Con's

  • Low Reservation Deposit
  • No Vendor Restrictions
  • Celebrate As Long As You'd Like
  • Limited Availability
  • Having Enough Space
  • Bad Weather (We Can Prevent This)

Brides, Just Like You!

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